Part 1 - We Are Vibrational Frequencies

After much research I learned that everything and everyone has something in common - we are all vibrational frequencies. Starting with a justifiable suspiscion that NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming - open eye hypnosis) was being used at a sales seminar to manipulate the audience into parting with their money, I began a high speed research journey that took me down many worthwhile rabbit holes, each one giving me some piece of the puzzle that opened my eyes to a BIG, yet amazing, picture. The more I looked, it seemd the more that was put in front of me.  The faster I looked, the faster each piece of the puzzle came. Although the pieces came from multiple expert sources it seemed little was duplicated, yet consistently connected to, overlapped or built upon the previous information.  All of it somehow related, fitting and weaving together into a colorful tapestry of revelation that what we know as reality is not what it appears to be, but shaping itself into a golden key to unlock doors that have been secretly and deliberately hidden from all - and in many cases intended to control all.   Needless to say, although new discoveries continue to unfold, I remain astounded, trying to absorb it all.  There were times that I didn’t want to see anymore, to know anymore.  Yet, the information kept coming.  Often my path was advanced by random thoughts that seemed to come from nowhere. Other connections came from what I thought were unexpected and unrelated sources such as website or video links sent by friends in emails, or during incidental phone conversation. No one knew what I was up to, but unknowingly provided another step forward and strangely seemed to be on a parallel path.  It didn’t take long to stop marveling at the regular coincidence of it all and accept that what was happening was intentional.  I was being intelligently guided, and, “we”, are now finding each other. WOW! The learning process for me was like a bee moving from one flower to another, but I was the one being pollenated. I was always given exactly what was needed in the moment, then I was rapidly moved onto the next open blossom. As I said, I started with NLP, but was simultaneously curious about the effects of harmonics.  That combination opened the proverbial Pandora’s Box. I was led to key information about Ancient Egyptian frequencies, the essence of Gregorian chants, differences between hypnosis, NLP and meditation.  I learned about induction, breaking into the subconscious, the power of direct and indirect suggestion - and that mostly we are always in one trance state or another. I learned about chakras, embedding subliminal messages, our four brain states, as well as brain synchronization (entrainment) that can change the magnetic fields of our bodies and, in turn, change our electrochemical balance either negatively or positively.  Then there was the education about focused intent and its effect on water molecules and that water has memory, that feelings from the heart occupy space, the power of “I am”, and that we are beautifully and wonderfully made possessing unlimited potential to manifest.  That we are connected to the universe, to one another and to all life. That everything we can attract already exists as a reality. That the world gives us in return exactly what we give it to work with. That everything is based on vibrational frequency and each one of us is our own self-fulfilling prophecy! Individuals like Braden, Marsalla, deChardin, Pensai, Tilliard, Emoto, Lloyd Mear, Aerospace Institute in Stutgart, Germany, all spoke to, implied, or reinforced the vibrational frequency connection. I absorbed.  I was moving forward.  I was connecting the dots.  I started noticing things I had not seen too clearly before.  Then, I asked myself the million dollar question. “Wait a minute, if we are beautifully and wonderfully made with all this power and potential, and now find ourselves trapped as slaves, who is deciding what little we give the world to work with and get so little in return?” Thats when the “Reptilian Loop” realization hit me. You see, while I was happily skipping along in my research and everything was finally making sense, I walked straight into a frightening possibility - someone has already established that everything operates on vibrational frequency...but the many ways the knowledge is being used is NOT good. Is something sinister taking place right before our eyes and we are unknowingly participating in it? Is it being used to control us?  Is it killing us?  YES! Here’s how it works. Our brains are involuntarily drawn to almost any prevailing Dominant External Stimulus (DES). DES is followed by pattern interrupt (neural disruption), then by implanting of direct/indirect suggestion (induction). NLP is the perfect example of how supplanting a suggestion immediately after neural disruption opens the subconscious mind to outside control.  I was confronted with the fact that we are subjected to multiple, alternating paradigms that placed increasing demands on my life and competed fo my attention (job, family, news, education, sports, entertainment, religion). In one way or another each placed different demands on my life, competed for my attention, and kept my focus distracted outwardly.  Each paradigm was created by others and forced my participation in what I believed was necessary reality, while deliberately preventing quiet, inward focus and peace of mind. In the meantime, the DES options were being dictated to me, which opened infinite and unwelcome opportunities for neural disruption. That pattern interrupt then creates negative self-talk/mental chatter, which then causes the release of negative, electrochemical signatures (toxification) into the bloodstream. The end result is our vibrational frequency is driven down so we operate in a dependant base state of ignorance, learned helplessness, depression, psycho-social behavior, etc. That open the door for chemical, pharmaceutical intervention to raise us out of.  You know, the prescriptions of anit-depressants, mood elevators, psychotropics, or the self-medicating on other drugs or alcohol we make us believe we feel better when raising our vibrational frequencies is the solution. It is like a self-executing computer virus we repeatedly download every day return to for more, and cannot break free from.  Studies show we have 50,000 self-talks per day and each self talk, also know as mental chatter, produces its own electrochemical signature, either positive or negative. It has been shown that 40,000 of the self talks for most of us is negative, meaning 80 percent. The ratios of negative to positive self-talks goes like this: One negative to one positive is balance. Two negative to one positive creates a state of irritation,  Three negative self-talks to one positive  Four negative to one positive induces a state of post traumatic stress disorder, Five negative to one positive   If the research is accurate, most of us are living in a brain state of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In other words, we have been programmed to voluntarily return repeatedly, like pigs to a trough of slop, to predetermined paradigms that continuously alternate our DES, immediately followed by constant neural disruption (pattern interrupt) which in turn increases our mental negative to positive self-talk ratio, and therefore greater release of negative electrochemicals that toxify our physiology, thus driving down our vibrational frequencies and drowning out our natural tendency to manifest potential.  That is my identification of the Reptilian Loop in a nuthshell, and something had to be done about it.  Thus, Gliding Mind. What if outward paradigms that change our DES are reduced or eliminated from our lives? (see your DES diagram - create mouse over) As in the original movie, the “Matrix”, some clues are offered.  The choice between the blue pill and the red pill.  We learn from Morpheus that the “world has been pulled over our eyes.” That wasn’t the first time Hollywood has disguised truth as fiction. The world system, the "Matrix", has one objective: To suppress and destroy the manifesting of power and potential God gave each of us as beautiful and wonderfully made creations.  Period. Suppressing the wonderfully and beautifully created beings we are with unlimited potential is no easy task when we keep naturally attempting to manifest ourselves and rise to the surface to realize our empowerment and potential. The Matrix consists of multiple demands and distractions (paradigms) intended to overwhelm us with neural disruptions, toxify our blood streams with negative electro chemicals and jam our system. To do this, they must continually bombard us with outward distractions the change our inward focus - our DES.  More research into Perception Management (mind control), sound weapons, Dr. Emoto's water studies (all based on feeling which equals focused intent), water has memory, subliminal embedding, and ancient harmonics used in Egyptian healing chambers and Gregorian chants made all the pieces fall into place. Although hypnosis, meditation and NLP have benefits in behavioral change or elevating spiritual connection, etc., not one website or paper recognized or addressed what is really going on.  They addressed symptoms of problems, but not the problem I defined. Harmonics, both ancient and modern day uses, to influence our brain waves through sound.  Learned about ancient Egyptian healing through sound I connected dots that were not connected on any websites I visited.  The way out is to scrub your subconscious hard drive and to raise your vibrational frequency above the reach of the virus.  Thus, Gliding Mind for Neural Counter-Disruption and Electrochemical Detoxification. restless sleep and chattering teeth overlay, everything is vibrational frequency,  power of spin, road to discovery, nlp approach, immersion, reptilian loop, mind balance, sleep funnel, golden ratio, rife, Mear, seven chakra glide, gregorian, numerology, free music download, free e-book. recommended, joint venture, disclaimer, mypowerpad, services systems, soundscapes by JonJee  Experience not same for everyone (effect), do not share, generic systems,

Part 2 - The Problem

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“We are connected to the universe and to all life. If we are beautifully and wonderfully made with unlimited potential, then why is so much sophisticated effort put into keeping us distracted, divided and in a base state? Is it because we are being controlled to fulfill the destiny of others and not our own?
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